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When will you retire? 

Where are the best places to retire

Will you consider Retirement in Mexico?

Would you Retire in Ajijic, Mexico?


The first 2 questions are the questions most of us ask ourselves as we begin to think about how we will live out the later chapters of our life.

In the perfect world, it would be easy to answer the when and where to retire questions.

In today's "real world", these questions are more difficult to answer.  With so much uncertainty about the economic conditions, retiring has taken on a whole new perspective.

The challenge is to figure out how to make the retirement chapter of your life a happy, secure and fulfilling one.

Where_are_the_best_places_to_retire_in_the_world? That brings us to the 3rd and 4th questions.  Will you consider Retirement in Mexico?

Would you retire in Ajijic Mexico?

Of all the places to retire in Mexico, for those of us living in Lake Chapala the answer is a no brainer.   We love retirement in Mexico and would not want to live anywhere else. 

We love living in this unique Mexican village of Ajijic in the heart of the Mexican highlands.  Ajijic is just 35 minutes from the Guadalajara International airport.  Easy to get in, and out when traveling to Lake Chapala from anywhere in the world.

Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico, is just a 40 minute drive from Lake Chapala.   One hardly thinks about being south of the border with all the shopping, culture, dining and history this amazing Mexican city offers.  The shopping centers such as the Galleria are world class as well as both live theater and cultural events.  From Opera to Mariachi there is something for everyone in Guadalajara.

On the other side of the spectrum the Chapala area offers the true experience of being integrated into the day to day Mexican lifestyle and culture.  American retirement communities in Mexico allow you to live and thrive on Mexican time. It truly is a dream come true for many English speaking expatriates living here. 

The cost of living in Mexico allows us to live very well on a whole lot less.  As an example if you own a home here the property tax and water bills are a fraction of what you were paying back home.

Whether you choose to buy Ajijic real estate or go with a long term Ajijic rental home both are reasonably affordable.

American_retirement_communities_in_MexicoMexican health care both in the lake Chapala area and Guadalajara is world class and very reasonable.

Entertainment locally includes lots of live music is very affordable.  There are plenty of good Ajijic restaurants to choose from, with great value for your peso.

And you don't even have to speak Spanish to order your meal or set up high speed internet for your home.  Typical of the Mexican culture many service providers have learned English to better serve this expatriate community.

The town of Chapala and Ajijic village are truly a blend of the old and the new.  The horses on the same narrow cobblestone streets with modern SUV's.  

The high speed internet café's and cell phones we use as we gaze at the phone lines precariously draping from one wooden pole to another.  In some strange way, it all blends and transcends time as we once knew it.

We buy our fresh fruit, and veggies, directly from the farmers at the Ajijic Wednesday open air market. Mobile ‘Veggie Vendors” announce their wares as they pass through the village. All of this brings us back to the simple life and the sense of well being.

Lake Chapala, is the largest lake in Mexico.  With the back drop of the mountains it is a Chapala photograph waiting to be taken.

What_is_the_best_weather_in_the_world_for_retirement?When searching the internet for the best place to retire in the world, many will Google “what is the best weather in the world for retirement?” Try it and see what comes up.

No surprise, National Geographic rates Lake Chapala with some of the best weather in the world.

The beautiful plants and flowers that naturally grow in this area are breathtaking. 

This land of eternal spring is at times surreal for those of us who are still awestruck by our good fortune to have chosen to retire in Ajijic Mexico.

When planning your visit check out the many Ajijic bed and breakfasts for Ajijic lodging. Or for more room and comfort consider a Vacation Rental Home in Ajijic for your accommodations during your Lake Chapala vacation.