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Lake Chapala Pictures and
Online Ajijic Photo Album

Taking pictures in and around Lake Chapala is a lot of fun. Whether you're a seasoned shutterbug or a photo newbie the next great Ajijic photo might be around the corner.

chapala_pictures_Ajijic_villageYour picture taking odyssey might start out innocently, just hanging out on the Ajijic plaza 'people watching', and progress on to a village walk snapping shots of colorful doors and windows, to majestic trees and other flora, the horses for rent in La Floresta, the Ajijic's Wednesday tianguis (outdoor market), a sunrise stroll along Lago de Chapala, Margaritas at sunset at La Tasca's lakefront restaurant and the list goes on for Lake Chapala photo opportunities.

Special note: If you want to take photographs of people in Mexico always ask for their permission.

Some will smile and give you the thumbs up and others prefer not to be photographed.

Here is an evolving collection of Lake Chapala pictures. We've created categories that represent life in Ajijic, Mexico. Check back often as this is a work in progress


Lake_Chapala_View_PictureThe Lake Known as Chapala

Lake Chapala the largest Lake in Mexico.

At approximately 5000 feet elevation and embraced by the Sierra Madre mountains Lake Chapala enjoys over 360 days of sunshine per year. 

 Combine a nice year round climate, affordable cost of living and access to quality medical care for a reasonable price you have a recipe for gringo retirement paradise. Savor the Lake Chapala photos.


Ajijic_Photos_Village_Door_Peak_insideThe Doors of Ajijic

Anyone that can't imagine a photo album that is dedicated solely to Ajijic Mexican Doors has not seen the doors of Mexico.

The front door sets the tone for the Ajijic house. Large vs. small, wooden or metal, colorful or plain, you pick, it's your house in Mexico.

Stone arches, plastered walls some brightly painted and others are Plain Jane.

Hand carved wooden doors and some are metal of all shapes and sizes.

Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.


Ajijic_Window_FotoMexican Windows

Mexican windows come in all shapes sizes and colors.

The first thing newcomers see when they look at a Mexican window are the bars... we did the same thing.

We thought, "egads do they really need those bars on the windows?"

But over time, it just becomes part of the Mexican architectural mystique and something that we feel adds flavor to daily life in the Lake Chapala area.

Many photos of Mexican casas and buildings that you see  have obvious Spanish and Moorish design influences.




What's Your Sign?

Does your home need a new identity?

Just get a new sign.

It could be "the watermelon", a casita, a villa or a castle.

Check out these Lake Chapala pictures of how these creative owners describe their homes in Ajijic.

These plaques are typically round or oval and about 12 - 16 inches across at the longest dimension. They are ceramic using Talavara glazing techniques and you can get them custom made for very little money in Tonala just outside of Guadalajara.

So it's a great excuse for a Tonala shopping trip.



Calle_Independencia_Ajijic_Row_of_Casas_PhotographAjijic Village Street Scenes

Everyday is full of Kodak moments. Keep your camera close by.








Photos_of_Ajijic_Mexican_ResidentsThe People of Ajijic

Mexicans and gringos: it's quite a cast in this cosmic play called life in Mexico.

"Mi casa es su casa" meaning "My house is your house" is more than just a trite Mexican saying. It's a philosophy and a way of life.

The Mexican people are very warm, caring, and friendly. One of the joys of living in Mexico is definitely the people.

Above, Reyes buys flowers at the Ajijic Plaza for Day of the Dead altar.


Day_of_the_Dead_Ajijic_PhotoAjijic Holidays and Events 

There is no shortage of opportunities to celebrate in Mexico. Mexicans love their holidays and these Ajijic pictures show you how they do it.

 Day of the Dead Altar in Ajijic Photo.

The Ajijic Events Holidays Calendar will clue in on what will be going on during your Lake Chapala stay.






Suggestions? Let us know what photos of Lake Chapala area you'd like more of.

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