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Ajijic Photos of Mexican Doors

One of the first things that you’ll notice looking at these Ajijic photographs of Mexican Doors is that Mexican homes and villas do not have front yards.

Realtors up north talk about curb appeal, meaning what the house looks like for the curb and how appealing it is.

Mexican casas in Ajijic are very different. In many cases, all you can see is an exterior wall, maybe a window and of course the door.

This page features some interesting photos of the village of Ajijic and the doors that make that first impression.




The Blue Boutique Door

A gift boutique bright blue door on Calle 16 de Septiembre in Ajijic centro.

Local artist Bruno Mariscal painted the door and the adjoining hand carved wooden columns brought in from the neighboring state of Michocan.

Bruno also painted the surrounding walls with an interesting floral theme.

Bruno also owns a t-shirt shop located around the corner on Calle Morelos… t-shirts make for great gifts to take back for friends or family.

He has also painted the exteriors of Lois Cugini’s Opus Boutique, Hotel Estancia and Alfonzo's Jewelry shop (another place to shop for Ajijic gifts) all located on Calle Morelos.

Note: Casa Preciosa Ajijic Vacation Home is only 2 blocks from here.


Artsy_Mexican_Metal_Door_Photo_ChapalaA Door That Would Make the Aztec Gods Smile

The photo to the left, features an Artsy Mexican Metal Door painted by internationally acclaimed Canadian artist, John Richmond or 'Juan Compo'. 

He creates the imagery and explores mythology of the Goddess in many of his murals and works of art.

Juan is inspired by Mexican colors, materials, and his creations embody to the unconscious linkages we all have with the goddess image.

Juan Compo created the exterior murals for Maria DiPaola Blum's gallery on Calle Colon. \

You can also find some of this murals in private estates here in the Lake Chapala area.


Rustic_Wooden_Ajijic_Village_La_PuertaSimple Rustic Wooden Door

Located in the Seis Esquinas (Six Corners) neighborhood in Ajijic.

No famous artist (that we know of) was involved in the creation of this classic Ajijic pubelito (village) wooden door.

If doors could talk this 'La Puerta' would have quite a story to tell.

The door features weathered and worn, raised wooden panels.

A simple padlock and chain provides security.





Picture_of_Doorway_Entrance_to_Hacienda_AjijicHacienda Ajijic: Understated Elegance

With the regal prestige that a Spanish Viceroy would require this newly remodeled Ajijic Hacienda offers some unique design features.

The stately exterior projects a powerful image of affluence.

Huge hand crafted Mexican iron lamps embrace the 2 meter wide wooden double panel doors.

The colors are a classic combination in Mexico, dusty turquoise contrasted with a bold orange.

Love the colors and design in this picture!




Shazam Colors for Charming Ajijic Casa Entrance

If Gomer Pyle saw this Lake Chapala photograph with these Mexican colors there are only three things that he could say...


"Gaaw-aawl-ly" and

"Surprise, surprise, surprise!".

Amazing combinations of colors, oranges, blues and aqua greens make the classic wooden door pop to life.

This colorful Ajijic Casa is half a block from the famous Ajijic Wednesday Street Market. If you are walking to the market, when you see this house you will know that you are close to an amazing shopping experience. 




Ajijic Grand Villa Estate

In this picture, the door of this village estate appears to be narrow.

In reality, the door opening is quite ample but tall, I would say in the 11 - 12 foot range.

The interiors of this home were designed by legendary Canadian interior designer Harold Babcock.

The property has been featured in a number of international home and design magazines.





Local_Artist_Desses_Up_a_dutch_doorThis Ajijic B&B is
Dressed for Success

Ajijic Bed and Breakfast, Casa Malcolm has a memorable entrance in this foto.

Local Artist Enrique Velazquez was commissioned to create a unique entryway for this Dutch door and he did just that.

Casa Malcolm B and B is located on Calle Donato Guerra #15, at the eastern edge of Ajijic, just one block from Lake Chapala.

Enrique Velazquez and his wife, Belva own and operate a popular art gallery specializing in fine art utilizing oils, watercolors, acrylics and pen & ink.

Their custom calendars, and note cards make great gifts to take home. They are located at 16 de Septiembre #7 in Ajijic.


An_Entry_With_Lake_Chapala_Star_PowerAn Entry With Lake Chapala Star Power

Straight out of Scheherazade and the Arabian Nights this Mexican Moroccan Villa was designed and built by the legendary architect John King.

Two of John's Ajijic homes have graced the pages of Architectural Digest in recent years.

Behind the walls are classic Arabian arches and other design details mixed in with a good measure of Mexican color.






Blue Mesquite Doors with Bright Yellow Walls

Classic Lake Chapala village door, simple design, clean lines, understated.

The mesquite wood door is kind of a milky blue combined with a strong yellow wall and complimented with a strong blue at the bottom.

 This little village home is only a block and a half away from our Casa Preciosa vacation home rental




One of the exciting things about Ajijic retirement, is that you become a witness and possibly a participant in creating colorful magic in your new Mexican home!

There you have it, a taste of Lake Chapala as represented by colorful pictures of Ajijic Doors in all shapes, sizes and materials.

Another thing that has lots of color and excitement are the many Lake Chapala Festivals and Holidays.

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